Chamber of Food
Industrialists of Cordoba

We are the industry  alimentation  Córdoba 

Team working splits the work and multiplies the results for this:

companies in the food and beverage sector
0 %
Sector 30% of the PBG
employees / collaborators
countries where we export

We are a trade union business association, as well as a non-profit organization.

We bring member companies closer to the sectors of interest as the General Directorate of Food Control of Cordoba and the Secretary of Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining of the Province of Córdoba.

Technological Linkage

Bromatological Technical Advice

Lic. Gabriel Furlán

Dissemination of Assistance and Financing Programs

for SMEs

Articulated work with reference institutions to access specific benefits

Organization of Courses and Trainings

Generation of community among colleagues in the same field

Reports and Economic Studies of entities of which ADIAC is a partner

such as UIC, UIA, CIPA and ADEC.

Meetings with industry leaders

We all create this association together

We work on linking the public and private sectors